Potty Training Basics – From nappy to potty

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Friday 20th June, 2014

Before we delve deeper into how to help your child transition from nappy to potty, it’s important to establish first and foremost that the perfect age to begin potty training does not exist. (Sorry for the shocker, folks!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPotty training readiness presents itself at different stages for different children (some at 18 months, others past their second birthday) so rest assured it’s completely normal (and natural) for children to learn to use the toilet in their own time. Trust us – when the time is right, your child will not want to be wearing nappies any more than you would want them to – they’ll want to keep dry too!

So take a backseat on stressing and look out for these telltale signs to signal that your child is starting to take control of his or her bladder:

– They become aware of their wet or dirty nappy
– They know when they need to go and tell you about it
– Letting you know in advance if they need to pee or poo

And when your child’s ready, here are our tips on how to help your child learn to use the toilet:

– Ensure that the environment is supportive of their need to learn to use the toilet. One of the ways to instill habit is to always ensure a potty/ stool for the toilet is placed at the same spot and to let the child knows where it is.
– Let the child decide when they want or need to visit the toilet rather than lead them to it.
– Dress your child in simple clothing so it’s easy for them to use the toilet when they need to.
– Accidents will happen for awhile and if your child has one, don’t rush them to the toilet/ potty. Instead, show your support by communicating constructively – some key phrases you can use include ‘when you are ready, you can do a wee in the potty’ and ‘let’s go clean this up and put some dry clothes on’.

Potty training is a big milestone for your child. Remember to give yourselves time – they don’t call it nature’s call without a reason!

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