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Wednesday 10th June, 2014

It is that time of year again where people travel to go home or go on holidays as the local schools close for the June holidays! Well with two four year olds in tow, I completely understand that travelling can be more ruination than rejuvenation.

Here are my tips for getting through the long haul with the children.

Travelling with children 01 - 9 June 2015

The usual mum preparation applies: always be ready. This means packing snacks and enough clothes for the flight to keep them warm and dry. Bring their favourite toys – if you have a few children, you’ll want to bring favourites and then some, just to avoid a sibling meltdown on flight.

If you’re a stay-at-home mum, it’s a great idea to start your children on holiday-related projects pre-departure. With older children you can watch films or read books on the history and geography of the place; with younger children try looking up animals and plants that are native to your holiday destination. If your children love being in the kitchen, expose them to new recipes that will give them an inkling of what to expect while on holiday.

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On flight
Other more common plane issues often involve the low humidity of cabin air. Make sure to get children to drink regularly – I usually just bring their empty water bottles and get a stewardess to fill them up. Another mum tip: if anyone has a streaming nose, wet the insides of their nostrils with a finger dipped in water.

Make sure that things are accessible to you for emergency situations like the unexpected throw-up or when your little ones need the bottle. Breastfeeding children may find it easier with cabin pressure; so ensure you have your breastfeeding cover!

If you were changing them before touch down, I suggest rolling their clothes and underpants (or nappies) together so its take and go. I also find it easier with two children to pass one set to the husband.

I hope these tips help!

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